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Homo Ludens | The generation who forgets to play while focusing on growth. 

2019 - Design Research 

A research on the importance of play. 

We need to make space for play. Unstructured 'play' is becoming extremely rare, while structured ‘game’ is becoming compulsory. Over the past half century opportunities for children to play, especially outdoors with other children, have continually declined. Over the same period, measures of psychopathology in children and adolescents have continually increased.

Multi-Disciplinary research together with primary schools, journalist, psychologists, movement scientists & experts which resulted in a book including all the research and discoveries. Proof of concept, literary-, field-, desk- research, workshops with children, workshops with parents and lectures illustrating the difference between play and game.


Play! | The power of imagination. 

2019 - Contextual Design 

A physical space, which will promote & provoke free child driven play for child and adult. “No pre-set rules, no surveillance, no goals, no assignments”

3D Knitted Furniture | Circular high tech textile coding. 


2019 - Contextual Design 

A 3D knitted, fully fashioned sofa upholstery, consisting of 1 single yarn, that shows the quality of knitting. Made with the minimal amount of textiles in production and maximum recyclable in high quality yarns. Using an alteration of bindings that supports the shape of the sofa.


Weaving Industry Kyoto | Connecting the new and old. 

2018 - Design Research + Conceptual Design 


Weaving in Kyoto & Kyotango, Japan.

In collaboration with; The local textile industries, KIT Design LAB, Kyoto Institute of Technology and craftsmen of Kyoto & Kyotango. 

As an European Designer I was asked to research the high- and low-tech local weaving industry. Connecting the local heritage with the European market. I was asked to come up with three short term and one long term concepts. Plus a hands-on Design Research with a constant collaboration and dialogue with the local weaving industry and experts. 

How does a space become a place?| City Circles in Metaxourgeio of Athens.


2017 - Design Research 

Researched based project, The Location: A circle with a radius

of 1km inside the neighborhood  Metaxourgeio of Athens.Thank you Gaith to let me see Athens from your perspective, introduce me to your friend, neighbors, challenges and welcome me every day to have a dialogue. A dialogue about being a waiting refugee stuck in Athens without a place to stay, A dialogue about the word, Home. 

The basic needs | Homeless are welcome.


2017 - Contextual Design + Research 

 „Homeless are Welcome” indicates the places where homeless can fulfill their basic needs. It is ment for bars, cafe’s, restaurants, shops, hairdressers etc. within the city circle the neighborhood metaxourgeio of Athens.  A local warm heart greek can decide which of the basic needs he can offer to a homeless person. A solution which is immaterial and independent from the corrupt system. 

I work, so I am | Ik werk dus ik ben.

2016 - Design Research 

How important is work for people? We spend most of our time with-in the context of our work. The second thing, after our name, we mention with an introduction of ourselves is what kind of profession we do. A research on the importance of work. What does work mean for you? What is the importance of the working space? Eventually this research resulted in connecting refugees who are still waiting on their process but are already allowed to work, with working places. Creating a network to connect people, to give refugees another status then “refugee”, giving them a narrative, purpose and part in our working society. 

The line between public and private | City Circles in Metaxourgeio of Athens.

2017 - Contextual Design + Research 


Looking at the Safety, Environment and Health of elderly. Among 86% of the elderly who walk with a zimmerframe, use it wrong. 65% of fall accidents amongst elderly happen at home.


Why are so many people fighting against the zimmerframe?

What is the big difference between walking sticks, shopping cars, prams and a zimmerframe?


Redefine the zimmerframe | Sportframe and walking furniture.  

2016 - Design Research - Conceptual Design  

A circle with a radius of 1km  inside the neighborhood Metaxourgeio of Athens.In this area the public spaces are not taken care of, due to various problems of the neighborhood.

How can residents reinvent the public space again, and take care of it with the love they have for inside their own home?

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