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3D Knitted Furniture | Circular high tech textile coding. 


2019 - Contextual Design 

Goal: 3D knitted furniture upholstery, made with the minimal amount of textiles in production and maximum recyclable in high quality yarns. 


Why: Products and especially textile products are not consciously designed with the thought, how can I use the materials in a high quality again after the life of the product. A next product would ideally be made from the same material, taken from a discarded product, without loss of quality. I consider upholstery to be the most promising. We cut, stitch, glue and staple the fabric around the shape. It makes it impossible to reuse the textile as a raw material again. 


How: Knitting is a technique which uses one yarn and a repetition of hoops, to create a textile. I use the knitting technique, which is ideal to produce with a minimal material waste, and gives us a high quality yarn, in the recycling process, to reuse. With knitting I construct with one single yarn a seamless shape which makes the fabric easy to apply as a cover on the furniture peaces and afterwards easy to turn into a raw material again. The upholstery is not just a covering layer, but also becomes part of the construction; the binder, holding together the underlaying materials. 


What: A 3D knitted, fully fashioned sofa upholstery piece, consisting of 1 single yarn, that shows the quality of knitting. Using a alteration of bindings that will support the shape of the sofa. 

Where: Within the context of the industry with the knowledge of knitting experts. 


In Collaboration with:  

Textile Museum Tilburg 

Fonds Knitting Holland 

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