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Listing and observing is of big importance for me. Sharing of knowledge. I want to get to know as much as possible people, cultures, thoughts and ideas. To inspire me, broaden my view and to keep on looking critical towards myself, my designs and my surroundings. 


Differences and similarities  of cultures is a big inspiration for me. I did a internship at „world-women” textile craftsmanship interior design. 

I worked with woman with several cultures, there where also refugees. They opened my eyes, with their view on wars, the system of the 

Netherlands, acceptation, the meaning of possession, communication without using spoken leagues, crafts and the meaning of food. It is 

always good to listen to others, to escape form your bubble where you are living in. I also experience this afterwards with the many cultures I met on my way. You have to have multi sided information not only from one point of view before you can give your opinion about a topic. 


I like to observe people. Often I just sit, on a terrace, square, bench, 

waiting room and  stare at people. How do society and humanity interact with each other. How do they communicate with each other. Is there, 

misunderstanding because of differences of the spoken language or is there connectedness of expression of their face and hand movement. I like to discover peoples little habits, rituals. What do they have to do, to feel conformable or to be self-confidence. 

Human consciousness, how aware are we of our acts and movements. What makes us act?


Last year in my department well-being I get to experience a few crafts. I saw the value of crafts and the hand made. Somewhere you can say everything is hand made, people even made the industry. There are pro and contra of the industry. In the last trimester I was 2 times a week with a craftsman. The craftsman has a weaving atelier. I saw here 

how important it is to understand the craft before you are able to rethink the material, or the industry. You have to see and experience by doing how things are connect. 

What is the history of the craft? Why do some yarns work, and others not. How can you interact with properties of a fiber, yarn. Where is the industry of weaving fabrics going to? Where is it coming from? 


I can lose myself in time by being in my own world. Searching and experimenting with materials, techniques, photographing or in 

drawings. In the mean time I also have the need to step out of my own world and get in contact with people. People and their needs. Not the need to extra luxury but the basic needs. So in my way of working I try to connect those two ways of working.

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