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Play! | The power of imagination. 

2019 - Contextual Design 

Goal: A physical space, which will promote & provoke free child driven play for child and parent.

Why: „Play” becomes extremely rare, while „game” become compulsory. Play promotes mental health. Over the past half century opportunities for children to play, especially to play outdoors with other children, have continually declined. Over the same period, measures of psychopathology in children and adolescents have continually increased. Although the importance of play for physical development, like motor skills and coordination is acknowledged, the opportunities to play have decreased. We need to make space for children to play. 

How: Design a space for play, simultaneously creating awareness of the importance of „play” and the difference between „game”. 

What: An accessible space, which will invite people to appropriate it. Being built up from ready mades, it speaks a reassuring visual language that invites to make the space your own.

Giving children space for their own imagination, how?

  • Basic materials.

  • No surveillance.

  • Nothing is finished, no goals, no assignments.

  • No preset games or rules.

  • Environment that is physically challenging, promotes the development of motor skills.

  • environment offering opportunities and stimuli to collaborate

  • Space is suggestive of building an imagined world of one’s own.


This is accompanied by a magazine with my research on the importance of free child driven play. This publication has been created in collaboration with multi-disciplinary team who have written an article on the subject. 

Homo Ludens | The generation who forgets to play while focusing on growth. 

2019 - Design Research 

Full research book is for sale, please send an email or click here for more information. 

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