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Play! | The generation who forgets to play while focusing on growth. 

2019 - Design Research 

Full research book is for sale please send an email. 

A research on the importance of play. 

We need to make space for play. Unstructured 'play' is becoming extremely rare, while structured ‘game’ is becoming compulsory. Over the past half century opportunities for children to play, especially outdoors with other children, have continually declined. Over the same period, measures of psychopathology in children and adolescents have continually increased.

Multi-Disciplinary research together with primary schools, journalist, psychologists, movement scientists & experts which resulted in a book including all the research and discoveries. Proof of concept, literary-, field-, desk- research, workshops with children, workshops with parents and lectures illustrating the difference between play and game.

Underneath you can see a few selected pages of the research book. 

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