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With my department well-being, I get to experience a few crafts. I saw the value of crafts and the hand made. Somewhere you can say everything is hand made, people even made the industry. There are pro and contra of the industry. In my 3th trimester I was 2 times a week with a craftsman. The Craftsmen has a weaving atelier. 

I saw here how important it is to understand the craft before you are able to rethink the material, or the industry. You have to see and experience by doing how things are connect. 

What is the history of the craft? Why do some yarns work, and others not. How can you interact with properties of a fiber, yarn. Where is the industry of weaving fabrics going to? Where is it coming from? 


For this project I made a weaved fabric,

made with local sheep wool. 

I choose to work with the three natural colors that are available. Searching with in this limit to the possible bindings & patterns I could construct. The priority in this project is to understand the craft, How does it work? How does a craftsman day look like? Competing the industry or adapting to the industry? 


I think Textiles will develop in techniques by people who get to know and understand, revalue the crafts and history of man made fabrics and know how to translate this to the industry. Textile will remain and stay to provide an essential need for people, to give them shelter, warmth and make them comfortable by telling their narratives. 

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