Researched based project

The Location: Kyoto & Kyotango, Japan. 

In collaboration with: The local textile industries and craftsmen of Kyoto & Kyotango.

KIT Design LAB, Kyoto Institute of Technology


In Japan, I had a intensive research program together with the local textile industries and craftsmen. 

I saw, the special working culture, textile industry and the beautiful silk production. I got an inside in the industries, the family heritage weaving crafts and the high tech textile developing lab. The textile production from fiber till fabric. The government of Kyoto & Kyotango is trying to find a way how the high and low tech, the industrie and heritage crafts, tradition and the new, can existed next to each other. Together we developed a few new products for short- and longterm that the beautiful weaving industry of Kyoto & Kyotango keeps its core values and tradition but find a way to enter the new market. So that it can continue to exist and remain profitable for the locals.  

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